Investor Z (18)

Investor Z (18) (いんべすたーぜっと018) / Norifusa Mita
“Only Gold is what would save Dojuku, if Japan defaults!” Watanabe, the new captain of the investment club, boasts his expertise in gold investment. While Zaizen is not so convinced with the attractiveness of it, Watanabe passionately conveys Zaizen the key to gold investment. Meanwhile, the true identity of Zen-san, the school janitor, is finally unveiled! Zen-san tells that someone who is capable of managing assets attracts girls in the 21st century. Additionally, a “God of fortune builder” who made 10 billion Yen in one’s 40s makes appearance. Vol.18 gives you tips on money saving techniques. If you read this volume, you surely want to try it!