Investor Z (17)

Investor Z (17) (いんべすたーぜっと017) / Norifusa Mita
“All right, Nabe. It’s in your hands.” December 12, 3:03 PM. Kamishiro retired from the post as captain of the investment club! Being appointed as the successor, Wanatabe swings around his Kendo sword with high spirit. However, he is overwhelmed by the feeling of heavy pressure… “Automatic successor choosing system”. It is a stringent rule, which has been obeyed for 130 years since the founding of the club. After learning that the similar scheme exists at G.E., the American famous corporate, Zaizen is now interested deeply about Ryugoro, the first captain of the club who introduced this scheme, who is also his great-grand father……and he finds himself back in 1908! Zaizen makes remarkable meetings with the founder of the school, Fujita Kaneshichi and also with Ryugoro. Can Zaizen come back to the present?! Volume 17 invites you to the trip beyond time and space!