Investor Z (16)

Investor Z (16) (いんべすたーぜっと016) / Norifusa Mita
“Being insured shows one’s love for your family”? …Hold it! One Sunday afternoon, a top insurance saleswoman came to the Zaizen family like a whirling tempest on a mission―to have Takashi’s father get a life insurance policy. The pressure mounts as her slick sales pitch pushes his mother to the brink of collapse! Sensing something amiss, Takashi arms himself with his inherit intellect and cocky demeanor to stand up to the tactful insurance-peddling lady. A long-winded rant on cancer survival odds, an ill-favored insurance premium, and a clever ruse to profit from life insurance all lie in store for the Zaizen family! Get ready for volume 16, an eye-opening read that will make you question everything you think you know about insurance!