Investor Z (15)

Investor Z (15) (いんべすたーぜっと015) / Norifusa Mita
Who's the winner of the real estate investment? With a starting capital of 50 million yen in their hand, Zaizen Takashi and his opponent Fujita Shinji hit the town to find the best property. Zaizen found a 60 square meters 1DK condo in an attractive Shibuya district that was built 20 years ago. Seemed to be a promising property, but the price was 70 million yen... Could Takashi, the middle schooler, come up with a secret plan to beat down the price? Meanwhile, Shinji analyzed the "potentially profitable property" from a historical approach. After deep deliberation, Shinji picked the property from the not-so-popular district, Adachi... Could Shinji, the investment genius, stay cool and collected like he always is? A drama full of drama is Volume 15, totally unpredictable!!!